Environmental Management System


Eco Stage

– Our approaches to “Eco Stage” certification-

To establish more effective environmental management system, we participated in Ricoh Group Green Procurement Examination Registration System.

April, 2001     Certified as Ricoh Group’s Green Procurement Partner & Environmental Management System Partner
December, 2006  Certified as Tamron Eco Partner
March, 2007    Eco Stage Level 1 certified.
May, 2008      Eco Stage Level 2 certified. (Authentication No.EST-197)
June, 2014     Eco Stage Level 3 certified. (Authentication No.EST-197)
February, 2018   Gave a lecture on our environmental management as a successful case at the Seminar held by Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers

What is Eco Stage:

“Eco Stage” is an evaluation support system to develop and implement environmental management system. It is highly consistent to ISO14001 and effectively enhances management capability. This system is widely adopted mainly by small and medium sized enterprises and also highly valued by many large companies as one of the criteria for evaluating business partners.

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Our environmental management goals

We are making best use of the environmental management system based on the evaluation standards of “Eco Stage”. We constantly analyze issues by repeating the Plan-do-check-act cycles and compare the real with the ideal. Accordingly, taking effective measures to achieve targets, we continuously and proactively improve our system.